Middle School (Grades 6-8)

Junior high school or middle school is the bridge that joins elementary and high school. Sixth, seventh and eighth graders are at a pivotal point in their lives, and indeed they are at the threshold of young adulthood. This transition requires an environment prepared not only to meet the challenges, but prepared to take advantage of the opportunities presented by this special time in a student’s life. The staff and programs of King’s Academy have been put into place to do just that.

The Junior High School program at King’s Academy is designed to strike a balance between support versus responsibility, individuality versus community, and security versus challenge. We want to see our students mature in their attitudes and viewpoints. Ultimately our goal is that we communicate the love of God to young teenagers in the context of an academic environment. We expect them to work hard, so we balance that expectation with the opportunity to play hard. We know that life will shortly pull at them from every direction, so we provide a “center” for them that is rooted and grounded in Christ.

Our middle school program provides academic coursework, discipleship training, social activities, and leadership opportunities developmentally appropriate for this age group. The students explore a variety of course subjects with an emphasis on language arts and math skills. The students continue the study skills and organization training initiated in elementary. All middle school students are offered some aspect of the fine arts and all participate in physical education or athletic classes.

King’s Academy primarily uses curricula published A Beka, Bob Jones University, and Saxon which are based on sound scholarship and a rational, common sense approach to learning; and scriptural principles that are designed to provide students in grades 6-8 with a high-quality, college-preparatory education. This curriculum also provides students with a Christian approach to life and learning, while ensuring that students will be taught new materials at each grade level along with a sufficient review of the previous year’s materials. As a result, students can progress steadily from year to year within our proactive educational environment, one that fosters individual student development.

The following curriculum chart outlines our course offerings in an easy to read format. Accompanying this chart is a schedule of activities in which our students in middle or junior high school will have the opportunity to participate beyond the core academic curriculum. In addition to our strong emphasis on academics, we promote extracurricular activities, as establishing Christian relationships in a social context is vital to healthy spiritual growth.