Elementary (Grades 1-5)

When a student reaches 1st grade, he or she is ready to take natural creative skills which have been nurtured and encouraged by our kindergarten program, and rise to independence in responsibility and expression. Our purpose is to establish disciplined study habits in basic academic skills, foster sportsmanship and citizenship, strengthen the moral character and self-confidence of the student and, most importantly, guide the student in making decisions based on an acceptance of Christ as their savior, and obedience to His command to live out Christian principles.

In elementary grades 1-5, we offer students many opportunities to learn in a traditional classroom setting. Classes are self-contained and structured to assure adequate individual recognition and instruction. Each day begins with prayer and everyone attends chapel once a week. Subjects and activities are biblically integrated with the distinct purpose of imparting a view of life that is God-centered. We seek to encourage each student’s personal relationship with Christ, guiding them in forming Christian attitudes and value systems. A strong sense of patriotism and awareness of missions round out the values we instill in our students.

Curriculum choices and goals are established under the direction of ACSI, qualified, trained Christian instructors and outside experts in their fields. Special attention is given to the development of solid reading skills, reading comprehension, and language and creative writing skills, which must exist in order to function successfully in any other academic area.

Rather than placing students in various levels, the needs of each student, whether gifted or basic in nature, are met within the same classroom environment. In a respectful atmosphere, children enjoy healthy competition, which causes each child to strive for excellence in behavior and academics, while learning from one another. Most importantly, we want our students to realize that the Bible is the one supreme source of revelation of the meaning of life, the nature of God, and the spiritual nature and needs of man.

Parents are encouraged to schedule visits in the classroom to observe the teaching-learning process. We are committed to the fact that the quality of the child’s education improves as parents are involved. Parent volunteers serve as teacher aides, substitute teachers, room mothers, chapel speakers, field trip drivers, and assistants with special event days.

The following curriculum chart outlines our course offerings in an easy to read format. Accompanying this chart is a schedule of activities in which our students in elementary school will have the opportunity to participate beyond the core academic curriculum. The academic, spiritual, and social life at King’s Academy are of equal importance and have equal emphasis.