Kindergarten is a unique and extremely important early step on a staircase of delightful years in education. For some, it is learning to separate from parents and siblings. For others, it is an opportunity to discover the joy of reading. For others, it may be a time of developing healthy habits, learning to follow instructions, and being a good friend to their classmates.

King’s Academy supports a developmental approach to education. Children cannot build without a solid foundation on which to expand. The children will be given appropriate opportunities to take advantage of their readiness skills, to become excellent readers or strive for their best. Expectations are individualized, though academic presentation remains consistent for all kindergarten children.

To meet the developmental needs of children who will be five years of age by September 1, we address the social, academic, and spiritual growth of each child. Full-day class sessions are available with small class sizes of 15 students or less. Each student is evaluated through interviews with parents prior to entrance in order to determine individual readiness for kindergarten. It is our desire that each child be properly placed to ensure that this first year at school is not only a rewarding learning experience, but also, a smooth transition from home or preschool.

Each school day begins with prayer and songs, and pledges to the American flag. Academic areas of study include Bible, phonics, numbers, writing, music, and art. Science and history, as well as P.E., library, group sharing, outside play, field trips, and snack time combine to make kindergarten a memorable experience.

Our goals are to promote a positive attitude toward school, to make friends, to respond appropriately to authority, to accept a constructive academic structure and to establish a solid foundation on which to build the upcoming years in an atmosphere conducive to Christian growth.