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Welcome to King’s Academy!

With a rich legacy that spans over four decades, King’s Academy is a Christ-centered school committed to providing a biblical worldview education to students from their earliest years through the 8th grade. Nestled in a safe and private setting, our beautiful campus echoes with the joyful laughter of children who thrive in a family-like atmosphere of warmth, respect, and belonging.

We are excited to be reopening our early childhood program this fall for children ages 1 through 4. While our world is increasingly stealing our children’s innocence, our dedicated teachers provide a loving and secure space where children are protected, cherished and nurtured as they grow. A carefully designed daily schedule of creative activities encourages curiosity, playfulness, and wonder as children begin their academic and spiritual journey.

Our elementary and middle school students thrive in small classes that enable us to provide a tailored educational experience for each child. Brain-healthy strategies engage students’ minds in a holistic approach that sets students up for success. We cultivate a growth mindset, empowering students to embrace challenges as opportunities to develop character and resilience. Ultimately, we instill a love for learning that guides students toward academic excellence and prepares them to become mature, Christlike adults and productive citizens.

Join us at King’s Academy, where together we will inspire a generation of Christ-centered individuals to make a lasting impact on the world!