League Play

King’s Academy participates in three athletic leagues:

  • Middle School: West Houston Christian Athletic Conference (WHCAC)
  • High School: Texas Association of Private and Parochial Schools (TAPPS)
  • High School: Texas Christian Flag League (TCFL)


West Houston Christian Athletic Conference was founded in 1992 by six Christian schools with a desire to provide junior high students an opportunity to play sports in a competitive setting in the west Houston geographical area. King’s Academy, via Southwest Christian Academy, is a founding member of this organization and participates fully in all sports offered in the middle school program. The main goal of this league is for the athletes to show the character and attitude of CHRIST while competing in athletic events.

WHCAC basic philosophy consists of the following beliefs:

  • WHCAC believes that God enjoys watching His children have fun!
  • WHCAC believes that all member Coaches are men and women of God first, and our athletes should see us as examples of honesty, integrity, and good sportsmanship.
  • WHCAC believes that as athletes, our students should understand that the same determination, commitment, sweat, playing with pain, and “give it all you’ve got” attitude that it takes to be a good student and a good athlete, are the same ingredients used to make a successful Christian.
  • WHCAC believes that all schools participating in this conference should do everything possible to ensure the excellent reputation of the conference within their community, as well as among their own student body and parents.

All sports are played under National Federation of State High School Associations guidelines unless exceptions are made in the sports plan. All sport activities of the WHCAC will be governed by the conference and specific sports plan.

WHCAC sports programs for MIDDLE SCHOOL athletics

  • BOYS: Basketball, Flag Football, and Track and Field
  • GIRLS: Basketball, Volleyball, and Track and Field


The Texas Association of Private and Parochial Schools is an athletic league organized to develop, manage, and promote Texas athletic programs in an effort to foster a spirit of athletic fellowship, sportsmanship and wholesome competition for boys and girls. King’s Academy is a long-time member of this organization and participates fully in most major sports offered in the high school program. Membership in TAPPS is limited to private and parochial schools in the state of Texas, with students enrolled in grades 9-12. Private schools are defined as those schools that are established, conducted and primarily supported by a non-government agency, or primarily supported by student tuition. Parochial schools are defined as those schools that are controlled by, supported by, or within the jurisdiction of a church organization.

Eligibility qualifications for competition:

  • A student/athlete has not reached 19 years of age prior to September 1 of the current school year.
  • A student/athlete initially enrolled in the ninth grade not more than four years ago nor in the tenth grade not more than three years ago. A student may participate in TAPPS contests during a normal program of high school courses over a period of four consecutive calendar years after the student first enrolls in the ninth grade. Students who never entered the ninth grade but were placed into the tenth grade have three consecutive years from their first entry into tenth grade to complete their high school eligibility.
  • A student/athlete has not graduated from high school or other school of equal or higher status.
  • A student/athlete is a full time, day student at the member school.
  • A student/athlete is allowed to participate in TAPPS competitions only if the student is in good standing which includes but is not limited to: a) enrollment in at least four accredited academic courses, and b) failing no more than one course during the grading period.
  • A student/athlete is enrolled in an accelerated Christian education school; he/she must be proceeding toward graduation on a credit and on a passing basis.
  • A student/athlete must meet guidelines of the TAPPS transfer rule.
  • A student/athlete shall not take part in any competition or contest of TAPPS if participant has received money or gifts or valuable consideration for participating in any sport contest or has been induced for athletic purposes.


Texas Christian Flag League is an independent Christian oriented flag football league that was founded in 2018. There are 16 charter members in the league that represent southeast Texas. It is divided into two zones (north and south). King’s Academy competes within the southern zone. There is a two day TCFL tournament following each season which is seeded by the regular season results.

Texas Christian Flag League is dedicated to organize, stimulate, encourage, promote, and increase the spiritual influence of Christ through athletic programs. They endeavor to use all means to develop character in the students and coaches in the league. In so doing, their commitment is to foster a spirit of fair play, good fellowship, true sportsmanship, and wholesome competition for young athletes.

TCFL realizes the importance of a solid athletic program for each school, but also realizes the importance of a Christ centered environment for each athlete. The league strongly believes every young person should have an opportunity to compete with the best and against the best. Therefore, the athletes in TCFL are given the opportunity to test their skills with some of the best athletes in the state while maintaining a Christ centered environment.

Psalms 133:1 says “Behold how good and how pleasant it is for brethren to dwell together in unity.” Although we compete against one another, there is a bigger picture. It is providing for Christian schools and students the best opportunity in extracurricular activities. The league accomplishes this through the input of the schools involved. Ideas, suggestions, and recommendations of member schools are continuing to make TCFL more and more of a “league” in every sense of the word.