Athletic Participation Fees (APF) are assigned to each sport. These fees are determined by the estimated cost of operating each sport. Fees are applied to the overall cost of the school’s financial responsibility for offering a quality athletic program. Under the leadership of the Athletic Directors, fees will be established at a level that will enable our school to offer the very best athletic program possible at both middle and high school levels. 

The APF for each sport is due in the athletic office BY OR BEFORE the first scheduled practice. King’s Academy reserves the right to assess additional fees should unforeseen circumstances arise. Such would be done, however, only after parents have been notified of such circumstances.

The athletic program at King’s Academy is supported in part by concession sales and gate receipts, fundraising, and gifts. All parents of student athletes will be scheduled at some point in the season to work the concession stand and gate for home games. The athletic department will provide concessions and admissions coordinators to establish and coordinate these schedules.

Game uniforms will be supplied by the athletic department. Practice (PE) uniforms, however, are the responsibility of each athlete. These practice uniforms must be purchased through the athletic office prior to the first day of scheduled practice. Athletes will be expected to furnish their own practice/games shoes, socks, etc. for the sport in which they are competing. The athletic department will define the criteria for shoes and, in some cases, make them available at wholesale prices.

Athletes must provide their own special wraps, braces, or supports, unless otherwise approved by the head coach and/or Athletic Directors. Additional personal expenses may be incurred while the team is traveling (i.e., eating expenses, lodging, etc.).

Athletes are required to dress in the full practice uniform at all scheduled practices. This includes all after school, weekend, and holiday practices. The practice uniform should be neat, clean, and well kept. Students failing to comply with uniform guidelines may not be allowed to practice, which may result in an unexcused absence. All warm-ups, wind pants, sweats, etc. must be approved by the athletic department prior to usage.

Athletic Participation Fee Schedule

All Volleyball and Basketball programs $350.00
All other athletic programs$295.00