Students who choose to participate in the athletic program serve in a unique position. This position will be observed by many public and private schools, media, parents, guests, peers, teachers, and the public at large. It is an excellent opportunity to demonstrate one’s desire to be Christ-like in sportsmanship and performance in accordance with I Timothy 5:14, “Give the enemy no occasion for reproach.” (NAS) Each coach is responsible for the conduct of the members of his/her team. Not every situation can be foreseen and, therefore, some rules and issues will be handled as they arise. The coach will provide a set of rules explaining conduct and penalties for both minor and major infractions of the rules in the following areas.

Appearance: A participant in any sport is required to be neat, clean, well groomed and in proper uniform for games and practices (shirt, shorts, socks, and shoes).

Facilities: The dressing rooms and all team areas will be kept clean. Athletes are expected to maintain a clean, positive environment.

Character: A participant will exhibit a Christian lifestyle and represent the school in a Christ-like manner at all times. Failure to commit to this lifestyle may result in the forfeiture of the opportunity to participate in the athletic program. This specific lifestyle includes but is not limited to:

  • A participant will not steal or use another’s property without permission of the owner.
  • A participant will not use obscene, vulgar, or any other non-Christian language.
  • A participant must completely abstain from the use of alcohol, tobacco products, and abuse of drugs (this includes legal drugs as well as anabolic steroids).
  • A participant must adhere to the conduct and dress codes as stated in the student handbook for the entire calendar year.
  • A participant must be ready to show effort, cooperation, respect, and support for coaches and other team members.

Attendance: An athlete is expected to attend all scheduled practices, meetings, and contests whether or not school is in session. Good teams are built on consistent practices. If it is necessary to miss any meeting, practice, or game, prior notice and arrangements must be made with the coach, including athletes leaving school due to illness. You should schedule routine doctor appointments other than game or practice times. Participants may be dismissed from the team due to unexcused absences.