High School (Grades 9-12)

The high school years are a memorable time in the life of any student. Along with a maturity of body and mind comes a sense of independence, in addition to a need to establish their own value systems in a multitude of social situations. Academic accomplishments are significant over the four year period of time and decisions must be made about the future. A student can be pulled in many different directions at the same time. Through it all, King’s Academy helps the student maintain a balance in their life by continually assuring the student that the Lord is always in control of all things, and that He offers His great counsel over every aspect of their being. Through daily prayer and the increase in knowledge of His Word, the student learns to surrender to and rely on the Lord as a way of life, especially in the midst of so many new challenges.

By the time a student reaches high school, they usually begin to recognize their strengths, and develop goals towards college and career. They may begin to think of colleges or universities they might wish to attend. Beginning in the 9th grade, all students at King’s Academy are placed in a college preparatory program and must earn 26-34 credits in order to graduate. The number of credits may vary due to Bible credits earned by transfer students. King’s Academy follows the advanced Texas graduation requirements for our minimum standards. Our college preparatory program offers two degree plans for students to choose from. The first plan is the King’s Academy Recommended Achievement Plan and the second is the more advanced King’s Academy Distinguished Achievement Plan. Our Distinguished Achievement Plan requires additional credits in the core subjects of math,science, and English. Although the core curriculum on the secondary level is governed principally by the requirements of the state of Texas and by the necessity of college preparation, students are also encouraged to take elective courses in debate, creative arts, journalism, creative writing, and choir to round out their academic profile. Likewise, students will have many opportunities to discover new interests and to find expression for their giftings through extra-curricular activities such as athletics, community service, mission trips, and ACSI academic competitions.

Our course offerings prepare students to meet the entrance requirements of all public and private colleges and universities. Counselors oversee the testing program in all grades assisting students in preparation for the SAT and ACT testing venues as well as preparing college and scholarship applications. Students can take advantage of our dual credits program in which a student may receive college credit and high school credit for certain courses in the math and science departments. Additionally, we explain to students the CLEP- college level exam program in order to test out of certain college level courses.

At the high school level, our main spiritual focus will be to develop personal assurance and confidence in the testimony of each student, in order to teach him how to share his faith with others, and to resist the temptations to compromise his spiritual stand in the face of debate or opposition. Students who complete four years of academic studies at King’s Academy will be prepared to evaluate statements, which many perceive as facts, in light of the truth and to relate Biblical principles to their personal lives. Their innate abilities will be sharpened, and they will understand that God has a purpose for their lives. Ultimately, our greatest achievement will be to equip our students to fulfill The Great Commission as related in the gospel of Matthew.

In summary, we are committed to providing superior college preparatory instruction with high expectations for academic achievement and success.